I can't judge the following sentence grammatically correct or wrong:
---What do you think about this story?
--- I haven't read such a more exciting story.
The first is fine. The second is not; there are two alternatives:

I haven't read a more exciting story.
I haven't read such an exciting story.

Take your pick.
Wouldn't it be still better with "never"?
"I've never read such an exciting story!"
The sentence sounds weird to me without it...
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Please help

What needs to be done to correct the following sentence?

Just what should you do, Cheryl, if the situation were reversed?

a. The sentence is correctly punctuated.
b. Remove the comma before Cheryl.
c. Remove the comma after Cheryl.
d. Replace the comma after Cheryl with a semicolon.


I'd say a, it's quite right as it is to me.
Yet the sentence would look easier to me with "what WOULD you do, Cheryl, ... ?"
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