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In a world of which we live in today, people show immense amounts of concern to stop the destruction of endangered species. For beginners, one should realize what endangered species really are. A specie found in nature, that has only a few of its kind surviving, that has the ability to become extinct in all, or most of its natural range (put in author, and reference), is referred to as an endangered specie. One can observe that the population of the endangered species, for example, killer whales, jaguars, tigers, and even cheetahs, seem to be reducing significantly every day. One may wonder as to why this occurs. Some reasons of why this occurs can be because of diseases, which human beings tend to use for their crops, and garden. Most commonly known as the DDT, (dichlorodiphenyltrichlorethane), a pesticide that can control the population of insects (author, ref.). Interestingly, this transmit is a deadly disease that have harmed many organisms, which the amount of DDT have accumulated in their bodies, and effected the food chain. In Canada, statistically, endangered species is a repetitive occurrence due to trade in animal parts, over hunting, and habitat destruction. These are the customary activities that are constantly causing the endangerment of species.

Since, 1996, scientists calculated that 124 types of amphibians, 1,108 types of birds, 734 types of fish, 1,096 types of mammals, and 253 types of reptiles became endangered (author, ref). Human beings, in fact, enjoy the feeling of killing innocent animals to make a living. Hunters or individuals will kill an animal, and then take its body parts, or fur to fulfill our mutual needs. For instance, clothing, oil, perfume, and cosmetics are some of their needs. Many people tend do this act by poaching, which is illegal hunting. One animal that is most offensive in legal trading business would be the "elephants", of which they are hunted for their ivory tusk. Now the worldwide populations of elephants have reduced immensely. Some tigers have also being killed, for their bones, where human’s myths believe that tiger bones have a magical healing power. Due to this reason, many people are killing innocent animals to keep themselves alive. Endanger species is a big business, and can produce a great amount of profit. For example, the price of a primate purchased for the equivalent of $5 on Indonesia’s outer island, which can reduce to approximately 10,000 if the animal is exported to Canada, or the U.S (author, ref.). Evidently, this establishes how narrow-minded we can really be. It is very irritating to know that human beings will go to any extent to prove themselves innocent; but a harmless animal can’t prove their innocence? Statically, legal trade in wildlife has grown from $3 or $4 billion in the late 1980s, today involves more than 5 -8 billion in illegal trade, estimated to occur every year (author, ref). This action causes more animals to be endangered. Before we know it, our wildlife will all be extinct at one point. Endangered species are extremely and economically valuable to our society.

We all may be aware of the buffalo jump that occurred in Canada, during the 19th century when the Native American hunted the bison in a fairly beastly way. This special event was displayed to have an enjoyable day, by creeping up on them, or stampeding them over cliffs, which during the next 80 years the bison were overly hunted that they were almost to be extinct (author, ref.). A specie that no longer exists in this world is referred to as extinction. Due to this disappearance, the bison brought enormous changes in the way of life. Native American had lack of food, and no more use of clothing. Now in present day, there are only a small number of them left. Under consideration, hunters still tend to do this act illegal; or individuals who are proud to show their status of how rich they really are. Many people believe, by killing an animal and hanging its belongings in your living room, shows that you are extremely wealthy. Many animals have been overly - hunted for the same past reasons. For example: Hunters go out and shoot animals to make money by selling some of their parts, for food, clothing, and just unnecessary desires (author, ref.). Once again, this shows we are hunting innocent creatures to measure up our mutual needs. Suspiciously, we never seem to learn from our mistakes, but we lean towards to keep repeating the similar mistakes. Given the fact, scientists reports on over-hunting, are facing about 100 to 1,000 times greater than normal rising of all endanger (author, ref.). Considerably, we are well observant of the enormous decrease in our society of endangered species, but hunters and individuals still pursue to take a creatures life in the justice of their behavior. Hunters and human beings must know that creatures do have a living soul. To take away a human’s life is a sinful thing, then most definitely a creature’s life as well.

Estimates range that from 4,000 to as many as 50,000 species per year become extinct (author, ref.). This consistently reason is due to habitat destruction. Some reasons of why this occurs can be because of clearing forests. Whereas human kind consider to forget, by constructing a new area you can kill many different types of organisms, or in such cases leave them homeless. Many causes for habitat loss can differ. For example, in mesic areas, conversion to large-scale agriculture (e.g., by fire, stocking rate, chainsaw, plough or bulldozer), clearance by small-scale farmers, large-scale planting or logging, infrastructural development (e.g., buildings, dams, power lines and roads) and mining (author, ref.). Momentarily, these are the main assistants of habitat loss that are currently happening. Given the fact, that when assistance build their residents over a population of organism, it is stated; on the Statistics of Canada to be an 80% of contributor for habit destruction (author, ref.). Now, imagine in your society: how many times you have seen constructions on the roads, school, houses, and even new shopping malls that are to be built? All these places are supposedly to be built on a clear residential area, which in fact, will be in clearing down tress or any other type of environmental space. Just like Dana Squishy has mention, "When we see a beautiful forest we think, wow this is a great habitat for helpless animals, but hotel builders look at it and think of it as a great opportunity for business and they'll start building over it as soon as possible" (author, ref.). Outstandingly, this expression shows different perspectives on human intelligence. In addition, the consequences of such extensive performance of habitat loss are due to man created circumstances. Clearly, you can observe that endangered species are in crisis.

The Endanger Species Act (ESA) is federal legislation that came into effect since 1971 in Ontario (author, ref.). The Endanger Species Act provides better protection on the destructions of habitat loss. Any person, who will be condemned by ignoring this law, will be fine up to 50,000, or perhaps imprisonment for up to two years. Despite the fact, Mike Harris in 1999 builds on the strong foundation laid by the Endangered Species Act, and the National accord (author, ref.). This reinforces the species at risk program, by approximately $2 million. However, due to these laws, they are still circumstances where animals are still in depth of being endangered. Statically, endangered species are proven that, because of human actions many animals are estimated that 27,000 species become extinct each year, about 3 an hour (author, ref.). Furthermore, even though the law states that do not do this act, many individual cannot stop this addiction of killing animals. Hunters believe, endangered species help them to be successfully in life; since innocent species make a great amount of profit. Due to this action, it decreases our species, and body parts that belong to the animal, are being displayed for our mutual needs.

Hence, many of these creatures’s habitant is being ruined by constructors that usually leaves them homeless or by far sometimes killed. These causes the endangered species to be extinct before we even know it. If this addiction keeps on growing, our world will come to an end. All embracing, we must become the change we want to see in the world (author, ref.).

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Quickly looking at your essay, it appears to be a university paper, no?

Here are a couple quick suggestions:

1) Find a classmate who you can exchange papers with. You proof read theirs, and they proof read yours. You both will know the assignment and know the topic material.

2) Set up an outline. You seem to jump right into your topic without telling the reader what you are writing about. You should:

i) Tell'em what you gonna tell'em
ii) Tell'em
iii) Tell'em what you told em

In other words, set up a framework for your essay.

i) Introduction: Essentially, we are going to cover this material in the essay
ii) Topic 1
iii) Topic 2
iv) Topic 3
v) Topic 4
vi) Conclusion: Bring everything together.

As it stands now, I don't know where you are going after I read through your first paragraph. I should understand the basic framework.

3) Go through your essay, and get rid of stuff such as, "For beginners..."

I am not sure I helped you that much. But at least I pointed you in the right direction.

If this is an essay for a university course, you need to take out a lot of your own personal feelings and insert a few more facts and alternative views.

For example,

It is rather naive to describe the native Americans method of hunting as 'beastly' purely because they were killing animals. Why is that beastly when other forms of hunting are not? After all, they were subsistance hunters killing entirely for food with hand weapons. You need to check your facts as well. They were not responsible for the near extinction of the buffalo. Tthat was the white settlers, who not only wiped out most of the buffalo but most of the native americans as well, either directly or through, as you suggest, starvation because of the loss of one of their major food sources.