Dear Sir/Madam,
The purpose of writing this letter is to be considered for IBEB Bachelor program offered by the University of Groningen.
A revolution must occur. As Ben Bernanke, the chairman of the Federal Reserve continue to inflate and devalue the American economy, the proletariat and bourgeoisie are significantly drilled deeper into debt and alienated as Marx accurately predicted. Why is Obama exponentially degrading the public education, transportation and healthcare as warfare increases? Why is Japan resorting to the Keynesian principle of inflation which devalues the currency when instead it can use 800 billion of US treasuries for reconstruction? These are key issue but only a fraction of the myriad of questions which bug my head every day. I passionately object to the current state of capitalistic economy in America and I wish to see the end of it with an intellectual revolution. I believe along with many others, history is in the making and I wish to witness and to be part of it with an economist's spectacle. Therefore obtaining a bachelor in economics is the most pragmatic option to construct a holistic outlook on the global economic meltdown. I believe that broadening my knowledge in economics will further nurture my passion, abilities and mind to an end result with me being fully equipped to make positive future reforms.
My mother's marriage with my step father who is an American serving in the military has allowed me to live a nomadic lifestyle. At the age of six, I was forced to abruptly say my good bye to Sendai and, I was thrown into an American school on a military base. As a Japanese boy without any prior knowledge of the English language, I was forced to prematurely overcome a language barrier which has shaped my personality as a socially capable and adaptive person. The latter 4 years of my life have been spent in the countryside of Great Britain where I gained cultural knowledge and an adoration of the European lifestyle while sharpening my interpersonal skills with a full spectrum of people.
Although my IB grades are regrettably mediocre due to my lack of effort and distorted view of priorities at the time, I believe I have undergone a transformation. I now look at my self-inflicted failure as an incentive to my future academic success. With full confidence I can say the results do not reflect my potential in any way. My gap year has been the most contemplated year of my life. In order to better equip myself for this course, I have been frequently going to the local library to learn the basics of economics such as reading the works of Adam Smith, Frederic Bastiat, JS Mill and others. Last month, I went on a solo mission to Switzerland to experience the high quality of living offered by an economic system differing from America. This experience has allowed me to independently commute in a foreign, eclectic city while interacting in the German language.
Netherland similar to Switzerland is renowned for its efficient education and economic policies and it being the birthplace of capitalism are driving factors in my decision. Also, University of Groningen offers the prospect of being able to learn another language, study abroad and rich interaction through a diverse network of international students. These key aspects are what I imagine in an ideal university experience.
As I face the emotional repercussions of my homeless Japanese family suffering from the recent natural disaster compounded with the economic depression, it is a natural imperative for me to learn the economics behind the circumstances. After my bachelors, my pursuit of reform will hopefully be focused on the growing field of neuro-economics. This will allow me to not only understand the extrinsic factors but the intrinsic, physiological factors behind economic decisions. Then possibly, this will bring the revolution of shifting our human nature of greed and self-interest through capitalism to empathy and kindness through another alternative. With the combination of my ambitions, current circumstances and my background, I believe the IBEB degree at the University of Groningen is the perfect stepping stone to my future.
Thank you for considering me and if accepted, I will not squander the opportunity.
Yours truly,
Shota Bauer
I feel the transition from the first to second paragraph needs heavy editing...if anyone has any suggestions, it would be deeply appreciated! Emotion: smile
if anyone has any suggestions, it would be deeply appreciated!

Yes, start over.

I am not even sure where to begin. Your discussions about revolutions, Fed, and all that jazz is irrelevant. They are not interested in your present theories of economic chaos. Instead, they are interested in what you bring to the table.

Start here: http://www.EnglishForward.com/content/lessons/motivation-letters-part-i.htm
IE&B = international economics and business.....

foolishly put IBEB instead of IE&B
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