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Write down the correct form of the verb.
1 - (Is; are) any of your sisters married? Answer = Is

2- (Is; are) either of your brothers going to school? Answer = Is

Comprehension passage (adapted from Les Miserables - Victor Hugo)

One Christmas Eve, Cosette was sitting as usual, on the crossbar under the table, near the chimney. She looked so small and thin that no one would have thought she was six years old, in stead of eight.

How old was Cosette? (3 years; 6 years; 8 years; 10 years). I put down 8 years. (Am i I right?)
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'any' is a tricky one when deciding whether to use a verb in the singular or plural.
In your sentence (1), you are asking if one, or more, of her sisters are married. So - the speaker would use a plural verb:
Are any of your sisters married?

But say you had a room full of expectant mothers, and someone says:
Is any of the ladies here today not seeing a gynaecologist?
Here, you are asking if even one woman in the room is not under a doctor's care, so use the singular verb.

2. Is either of your brothers going to school?

'either' in this sentence means 'one or the other of two people' - that is, one person only - and so you are correct, the singular verb is used.
(The person may, though, reply, 'Both are attending school now.'

Yes - she's 8.
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