I learned in this great website (I just found out about it today), that the plural of status is 'statuses.' I don't know what you think, but in my personal opinion this sounds horribleEmotion: ick!! If the plural ofAlumnus is Alumni, why can't we apply the same rule with Status? I bet that's the way the Romans did it.Emotion: stick out tongue
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I've been using the term 'peni' instead of 'penises' for years to give it that academic flair that it sorely needs in those hairy situations. Why I use such terms so frequently is my own business. Oh, and no pun intended with 'sorely,' but definitely with 'hairy.'

I guess that's why they call prison 'the penitentiary'? Emotion: wink

Best wishes, Clive
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what is the difference between that (status) and this?

Good evening, as a matter of fact the Romans used status as plural of status, that is the rule for word of the 4th declinatio. Vive ac vale
Anonymouswhat is the difference between that (status) and this? http://dictionary.reference.com/search?db=mwmed&q=locus
Hello Anon

"Status" (with a long u) is the correct plural of "status" in Latin because it belongs to the 4th declension.

"Loci" is the correct plural of "locus" in Latin because it belongs to the 2nd declension.

All the best,

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MrPedanticI doubt very much whether anyone would notice, though, if you said "stati". (It would be something of an achievement to find a context for it.)
The limited use is exactly why its so hard to know what to use.
I needed to know today because I cant find a way around using the plural. I have a list of more than one status. I must select from that list, my list of more than one status.

Oh, I think I just found a way Emotion: wink
Stati(i) and Status(s)es (however you spell them) are both incorrect.

The correct plural of Status is actually "Status", but pronounced as "Statoos".
Main Entry: sta·tus

Function: noun

Inflected Form(s): -es

Merriam Webster's Unabridged Dictionary
Thus statuses in North-America, according to this dictionary.
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Alumnus is a 2nd declension noun whose plural is as you say alumni

Status, however is a 4th declension noun with a u stem whose plural is status with a long u. I would use status as a plural rather than the ugly sounding statuses.

Seán Cormac Plymouth UK
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