I learned in this great website (I just found out about it today), that the plural of status is 'statuses.' I don't know what you think, but in my personal opinion this sounds horribleEmotion: ick!! If the plural ofAlumnus is Alumni, why can't we apply the same rule with Status? I bet that's the way the Romans did it.Emotion: stick out tongue
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Don't even dream about writing/saying/thinking of stati. My goodness me there is a saying that you wait for ages for a bus to come along and then three arrive at the same time - buses I mean not 'bi'

It's also probably very easy to avoid the need for the plural.

"The relative status of each of the defendants is insignificant...." Each defendant has one status; none has more than one status.
I offered this way back in August of 2005, and nobody paid me no nevermind, it seems. Emotion: sad
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Does state ever come into the equation.

Isn't a status a state, and is states the plural of state.

Or is this totally off.

Actually, i'm having this problem as well... I know people at work use "stati" and i'm all for "statues." However, personally, i don't know which one is correct or proper...

I do know that the plural form of status is used very often at work (in e-mails). A common example would be, invoice status, payable status, billable status... How to you cleverly cover all of the statues/stati/status (pronounced statoos) in writing?

The other similar matter is data vs datum... but at least i understood that one (most people still use "data" in the singular manner).

Your help is appreciated, thanks!
Well, "stati" is certainly wrong; and "statuses", though perfectly good English, seems to offend some people, to judge by this thread.

So why not opt for a paraphrase – e.g. "types of status"?

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types of status, hmm, sounds good, a bit more typing but it's a clean solution, thanks!

Not related... i'm still waiting for my user name, for now i'm still an anon Emotion: sad

i wish i join this forum earlier, it's very helpful! And many many thanks to all of you Emotion: smile
You're welcome!

What's the problem with your user name, by the way? Are you having trouble registering?

All the best,

Using your reasoning we should have "cactuses" instead of cacti. I think they both sound horrible.
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Not all words work the same way!

The plural of cactus is cacti, but I've learned here the plural of status (in Latin) is status, with a different pronunciation. (And we're not talking in Latin anymore anyway.)

Just like sing takes sang in the past, while bring takes brought, not all word with the same general appearance follows the same rules, whether those rules apply to forming a plural or forming a past tense.
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