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Can we consider Present Participle as a Tense

How & when can we use it

I want more than one answer please
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You should bookmark this site [url="http://webster.commnet.edu/grammar/index2.htm"]Webster's Index: [/url]

I find it is an invaluable site for quickly learning about various topics.

You can learn about participles by searching through the index and going to the [url="http://webster.commnet.edu/grammar/verbs.htm#participle"]participle page[/url].

You have to remember that a participle is a verb acting as an adjective. The crying girl asked for her mother.

Hope this helps.

As explained above, a participle is an adjective. Adjectives do not have tenses. The present participle is not a tense.

It is deceptive because participles have names like present participle and past participle, and tenses have names like present and past. Yet, participles are not tenses.

Hope that helped.