Last month, I saw one post in one Myanmar site. It was about English usages. And, I also found that there was one unclear point in that blog.
  1. She has married or She has been married.
Original post made a mistake and wrote like this " She have married." I think it's totally wrong. So, other users corrected that it should be " She has married.". But, one user, he said, "NO, both are wrong. She has been married is the correct one. But, I couldn't accept that. He said, girls can only marry when boys propose. So, he said, " has been married" is the correct one. But, I can't still accept that. So,I want to know how you think. Please help me to find out the right answer.

Can we also say " She is going to get married." ? or anything else ?

Thank you so much!

In the right context most of your suggestions are correct. If you want a definite answer you need to post the full context.

"She have married." is the only one that is always wrong.
Hi Frogfish,

She have married is incorrect.

However, all of the following sentences are completely acceptable:

What has she done? She has married her second cousin.

She has married against her parents wishes.

Has she had many husbands? Yes, she has been married more times than Elizabeth Taylor.

She has been married to the same man for 45 years.

She is going to get married on September 30, 2011.

She is going to marry Joe Smith.

She married Joe Smith.

Concerning "girls can only marry when boys propose":

That's crazy. Lots of girls propose to boys all the time.

Hope this helps.

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Well first of al, it is not necessary in English speaking cultures that the man propose marriage. The woman is also entitled to do this, although traditionally it is seen as the man's "job", while more and more women take matters into their own hands.

Even so, both are getting married to each other, so it is as legit to say "She married him" as "He married her."

"She is married" is the normal way of saying that she has a husband, whose wife she is.

Any other uses with different tenses and possibly passive voice depend on what you want to express, as was said in the comment before.
I agree with the above mentioned replies.

Though i would try to add couple of more points to it:

1) Present tense - she is married......(now)

2) Past tense - she was married.......(then)

*use of 'have' is incorrect in any case.

*use of 'has' has been very correctly mentioned by our fellow forum users above.
Thank you so much for your explanation. Now, I realized the right answer. Thank you all.
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