Could you please tell me what it means?
" I don't want to put you out"
It means I do not want to inconvenience you, make you go out of your way, path.
frogfishI don't want to put you out
I don't want to inconvenience you. I don't want to cause you any inconvenience. I don't want to disturb your usual routine.

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put you/someone out = to cause problems for someone by making them do something for you
I agree with you all!

It depends though:

to put out from/to

to put smth out ( and there are a lot of meanings here )

to put smb out ( many meanings also here )

...and others

It would be easier if you look it up in your dictionary. It's a phrasal verb. And then you may consult also synonyms and anthonyms. After that, for what will be still unclear, you may ask for help.

Bye for now,
What does it mean when someone says they dont want to cause any problems
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