There are some sentences from my textbook below. If I don't use that, are they still correct? I think they are but I would like to make sure. Help me, please.

1. This is the best dictionary (that) I have ever seen.

2. This is the first composition (that) he has written in English.

3. I have read all the books (that) you gave me.
Yes you can take that out of all those sentences.
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Oh, I've made a mistake, sorry. Frankly, I was not sure of that sentence either.

Many thanks, Nona!
Can anybody please help me to find some synonyms for "take out"? I have used "put out" wrong in the title of this topic; you can see my foolish mistake (now I know that "put out" = "to upset"). I would like to learn what words exept "take out" I could have written to be correct. For instance, are the next acceptable?

to delete
to extract
to take off
to omit
to leave out

And are there any other variants?
In that context you could have used

Can I delete 'that' in these sentences

Can I omit 'that' in these sentences

Can I leave out 'that' from these sentences

Can I remove 'that' from these sentences

Take off is something you do with clothing and it is also what airplanes do - it is not a synonym of remove

Extract doesn't sound quite right here either - when you extract something that is usually the bit you keep and what is left is disposed of.
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Thank you again, Nona! I appreciate your help very much. Emotion: smile