I do not understand the following stuff at all, so could somebody explain them or could you give me some clues or links to find them elsewhere?

Configure Summit GL extract file into standard Opics format.

Develop Summit nostro cashflow extract file in standard Opics format.

To track hedge transactions in Summit where other leg of hedge is in Opics; to generate an extract file of fair market value.

FX/Bond Options and SWAPs deals will be interfaced into Summit from Knodor.

Develop rate extract files from Summit for rates, prices, yield curve.

Some work in Current Interface.

K±interface into Summit.

Do the captal words mean some types of softwares? What is extract file here meant? What is nostro cashflow?

What is hedge transaction and leg? Many other words are beyond my understanding.

Thanks in advance
I'm sorry to say I have no idea what any of this means, either. Where did you find it?
Hello Qianlizhixing,

Maybe this is a manual for system at a bank. This tells how to get/extract a certain data from a server. Words like "nostro", "hedge", "leg", "FX" and "Cashflow", you can find these in dictionary for financial and investment term...

Good luck.Emotion: smile