Does it need to have some sort of predefined structure? Just some thoughts I scribbled down. For some reason I cannot get myself to give it a just doesn't feel right. All comments will be appreciated.

The feeling of hopelessness consumes me
Tomorrow is a new day, I'll start fresh
but tomorrow never comes
I lack little, why do I feel so empty?
I have the key, but my hand refuses to unlock my cage
Not worthy of the love I have,
or the life
I'm a leech on society's back.
I despise myself.
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Its a good one... but a sad one.
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Thank you kobi and anita. Yes, it is very sad. Somehow I feel more inclined to write down my feelings when they are negative. I would like to try and write when I feel happy though. Will post if I do. Thanks again guysEmotion: smile .
Unfortunately another sad one:

Took a test the other day
Said I've got more love to give than most
Maybe that's the answer to my questions
Perhaps I expect too much of you
Sexy,'s not enough in my eyes
I want you to tell me I'm kind
I want you to tell me I'm sweet
I want you to tell me I'm loving, giving and nurturing
Or is "I love you" saying it all in three little words?
Maybe it's my fault that things are the way they are
Can a stick man picture be considered art?

Of course you can call it art, but compare it to the Rembrants and Van Goghs of the world it becomes nothing more than a sketch.

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Hi Hepo. Thanks for your feedback. I understand what you're saying. I didn't pay much attention to being artistic, I just sort of summarised my feelings. I don't think that big words and lots of symbolism and imagery are what make a poem more artistic though. The poems that have touched me in my life are the ones that I can relate to on a certain level, the ones that are hearfelt, you know?

I would like to know more of your opinion though....if you don't mind.
I agree with you. Poems are like everything else in life. I always relate to the things which are hearfelt.
There is a world of difference between following your heart and allowing it to rule you. In the above case, your poem is commmanded by the latter.

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