is this correct

eat them in an enough size
2.i dont know how much more to eat
3.the muscles on the leg or in the leg
4.i have been stolen the wallet
5.it was nice having met u
6.i'm not going to do that until some time had passed/i'm not going to tell him until he had done it

please help me out ..thanks for helping me
1. I'm not sure what it's supposed to mean.
2. That sounds correct. Can't think of any context to fit that in though. Emotion: tongue tied
3. In the leg. Or the leg's muscles.
4. My wallet has been stolen. or I have been robbed of my wallet.
5. It was nice to have met you or It was nice meeting you.
6. I'm not going to do that until some time haS passed/I'm not going to tell him until he haS done it.
are u sure of the sixth one?
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Pretty sure, yes. Your versions were definitely wrong.
thanks i appreciate your answer.hey by the way if u want to practice some english with me u can give me your msn email,if not,then it's ok...hehe
hey daniel,
i would like to practice some english with you. I am from India, and my yahoo id is Email Removed
see ya!
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hey anita dont u have aol or msn,in this moment im not having yahoo,because there are some problems with the mac version,if u want to talk my msn or aol just let mt know...regards