I usually see the questions as follows:

How is it going?, How's your business going? how's school going?

Can I say: How are you going ? becuase I usually see " how are you doing?"

what does it mean by " how are you going?"


In this context of greeting people, I don't hear anyone say 'How are you going?' They say the other things you have mentioned.

napoleonponapawhat does it mean by " how are you going?"
-- I'm going to Chicago.
-- Really? How are you going?
-- I'm flying. The drive would be nice, but I don't have enough time.

-- I'm thinking of going to Florida.
-- That's nice. How are you going?
-- I'm going by car because I enjoy driving, and besides, I'm afraid of planes.

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"How are you going?" is an Australian colloquialism (although usually contracted to "how ya goin'?" or "how ya going?")

It basically translates to "how are you travelling?" or "how are you faring?", simply meaning "how are you?". Directly relates to the metaphor of "keep trucking", or the response "i'm travelling well" etc etc.

It most certainly does NOT translate to "how are you getting there?" although some people would respond that way thinking they're being funny - quite naively so given that it's usually contracted in the above regard.

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Very interesting, Anon. I have learned something about OZ English. In American English, it is common and has the meaning that California Jim has so ably demonstrated.
AUSTRALIAN English used as a greeting, equivalent to ‘how are you?’."hello Charlie, how are you going?"