An American professor called Jerry A. Coyne ponders in all seriousness whether one can be good without God. He doesn't mention which God he has in mind but I take it that it's the God of Christianity.* There have been hundreds of gods. In ancient Egypt people believed in Amon Ra for 5,000 years and gained salvation that way. Today nobody believes in him.

I have quoted a part dealing with Scandinavia. You can read the entire article [url= ]here.[/url]

"Nor should we worry that a society based on secular morality will degenerate into lawlessness. That experiment has already been done — in countries such as Sweden and Denmark that are largely filled with non-believers and atheists. I can vouch from experience that secular European nations are full of well-behaved and well-meaning citizens, not criminals and sociopaths running amok. In fact, you can make a good case that those countries, with their liberal social views and extensive aid for the sick, old and disadvantaged, are even more moral than America.

"Clearly, you can be good without God."


*EDIT: Sorry, I didn't read the boring part of the article. He mentions the Bible all right.
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There are a lot of strange minds out there, vide some of the Republicans in the US.
In my opinion, this is hardly a controversial topic. Look around you, there are good and bad people everywhere regardless of their denomination (or lack thereof).
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IvanhrIn my opinion, this is hardly a controversial topic.
I don't find it very controversial either but I know that there are people for whom anything that deals with religion can be controversial because not everybody thinks the same way about religion or religions.

I assure you people can be happy, but I don't give you any guarantee that they can be good human beings. You can't believe in God, directly. You have to do the research. For example, the first order of Islam is "Read". If you are a believer, you have to carry a fear of God. This fear isn't like a horror movie, of course. If you have fear, so you have to be careful what you are doing. That makes you a good person. Emotion: smile
No real controversy here, as has been mentioned. There are non-believers that do good and bad, and there are believers who do good and bad.

Oh, and I'm glad that I don't have to live in a fear of being punished by whatever imaginary god one may have.
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Cool Breeze... That experiment has already been done — in countries such as Sweden and Denmark that are largely filled with non-believers and atheists. ...
Just an aside.

I wonder if it makes any difference that Sweden's and Denmark's non-believers and atheists came out of a culture that in former times was just as Christian and religious as many other European cultures. Are there any cultures of non-believers and atheists which never went through a theist stage in their development?

Or does it not even make sense to ask the question? I mean, can you have an atheist at all in a system that never had any gods? Emotion: smile

May peace be upon you from the One source of all created things, Lord Most Wise, Most Just and Most Merciful,

To answer your question brother :

First, who might the questioner be, and who is the subject concerned here? Surely, any reasoned discussion must be based from a particular context, so that it may proceed in proper order guided by correct reasoning and to avoid the potential fallacies.

Second, what could "without God" mean? . . . for one who has not ventured to seek Him - that Essence responsible for our intuitions, thoughts, feelings, physical wellbeing?

Know that He is Absolute and Unknowable, except that for us He exists in the manifestation of all the sublime qualities humans may ever perceive and comprehend - both positve and negative. To Him belong the Beautiful Names and all things in Heaven and on earth bear witness to His "praiseworthiness" -

Good is a universal moral sense innate to human and spirit beings that impels them to choose between good and evil; and then to choose what is better than good. In other words, there are degrees of goodness in tandem to one's approach and station in the journey towards the pure inner reality of the soul, a reality given by none other than the Lord of all creation Himself, Most Loving and Forbearing - Light of all lights. This is a metaphysical issue concerning the psychology of human beings, and related therefore to the issue of the intellectual and spiritual state of the questioner and therefore to anyone who meditates upon the issues projected by the question at hand.

To emphasize the point dear bro., every soul must seek to understand its own nature in order to know his "Reality" as bestowed by the Transcendant God. We must be realize our human covenant towards "God" and thus act in consonance with this realization towards our fellow human beings. After our sensory perceptions and rational faculty what remains as spiritual guidance must come from reliable revelation from the Divinity who created "our stuff" and therefore knows us far better than we, in all our fallibility, will ever know ourselves.

If there be the Light of God then seek it! and may you realize the deepest longing of your blessed heart!

"By Time, verily the souls of humankind are subjected to loss,

Except for those who have the right faith in the "God", and those who choose virtue and do good;

And those who mutually counsel one another about the true nature of things,

as well as encourage one another in patience and dutiful perseverance."
I think that was a "No".

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