Can you please comment on my grammar, writing style, word choice and overall how it is??

”Don’t live next to the White House or the Pentagon. Or near to any building of immense importance because such places are more likely to be bombed or attacked. It has happened before, it can happen again. I'm not being pessimistic, I'm being honest. Whether or not the truth is good or bad, it is the truth, a fact. Science isn't an optimist or a pessimist, she’s based on facts. And that doesn't have to bring hope, it doesn't have to be positive, and it doesn't care about what people think of it-truth. The truth stands for itself. And that's why it's bitter.”

BatwingOr near to any building

The third word is superfluous.

Batwingshe’s based on facts.

The first word is not necessary. Genders are generally not used like that in English. Your wording gives the impression of a poetic or sentimental attitude to science. It's would be a better and more natural choice.