Hello everybody :-)

I'm happy to be on this forum because I hope to get help from the Community !

It's my first topic and I have some difficulties to understand vocabulary of an article.

1 / On the one hand, I don't understand the title of this article : "Home Schoolers Find Strength in Numbers". (URL : http://www.nytimes.com/2007/02/11/nyregion/nyregionspecial2/11ctmain.html ).

I know what is the Home Schoolers (when some parents are unhappy with the education system and prefer educate their children themselves)... but "Find strength in Numbers" I don't know what does it mean in the context ? [:^)]

2 / On the other hand, can you explain me briefly what is the aim of the co-op, and how does it work ?

Thank a lot !

Hello zafar142003,

So, in fact, the title "Home Schoolers Find Strength in Numbers" is explained by an increase in families who want their children study at home ? And we can consider it is a trend which is growing ?
I think the 'home schoolers' have seen a rise in numbers thereby stimulating the whole phenomenon.
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no, the article isn't about how many home schoolers there are.

'strength in numbers' is an idiom that means people are stronger (in various ways) when they act in groups or in cooperation with each other.

This article is about how home schoolers are joining together so they can improve their children's eductation. One parent might have experience in teaching maths, for example, another might be able to teach the children cooking, while another teaches them sport. No one parent can provide a full educational experience.
Oh Nona, I understand now !

Thank you ! Emotion: smile
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Thanks for clearing that. I understand now.