My name is Marla. I was looking for some sort of help when I came across you. I am not sure if you (or anyone else) will be able to help.

I resigned my employment. So my last working day will be the second of September. Then I need to fly to Spain in order to resolve some family and study matters.
At the moment I am studying french and computers.

I got this job a year ago thanks to my ex-boyfriend. But now life has change and I feel the necesity of improving my skills and my career. When I first came to London a year and a half ago, my English was absolutely nule. So I think I have a quick learning capacity.

Anyway, I need anyone to do my cv for me. (This will explain itself when see it).

This should be something fair, so in return I offer my service to translate any document into:
English-Spanish, Spanish-Englis, French-Spanish. (Exceptions: no medical documents).

If anyone wants to have a look at it, I can be contacted at this address (messenger user's welcome):

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I am chatting with you now and have agreed to assist you. I look forward to seeing your resume shortly.