hello folks, this is my first post here Emotion: big smile
I have launched a new website and I created short description for it:

"Do you dream to be interviewed like celebrities? Are you bored of current social networking sites and want to be heard in a different way?. Get interviewed now through email ! Talk about your life experience, project, website or even your personal life !, Then the interview will be published on Querier.net and you will have fun sharing your interview with your friends !

Visitors will have the right to vote on each interview, Popular interviews are highlighted. "\

I wonder if you guys can help me improve this description, tell me if anything wrong with its English, grammar.. or need to be modified.
thanks in advance

Site link : www.Querier.net
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How the interview process goes

1- First you have to fill out the forms on this page.

2- One of our interviewers will receive your submission and contact you as soon as possible through email, chatting with you about the interview.

3- The interviewer will then have collected enough information about the interview that he will be able to send you the questions through email.

4- You will answer the questions (You have the right to reject any question you don't like) and send them back with the answers to the interviewer.

5- The interview will be published on Querier.net and you will be able to share it with your friends.


I modified what you edited.. thank you very much Clive, I really appreciate your efforts.
also thanks again for Chris
My last suggestion:
1. First You have to fill out the forms on this page.
1. First You have to fill in the forms on this page.
"fill in" or "fill out" is correct, though at the risk of me igniting more BrE vs. AmE usage war.
Students: We have free audio pronunciation exercises.