TOPIC: Some people say that pupils, after finishing secondary school, have the right to go straight to colleges or universities without having to take any examinations. Others take the opposite view and say that admission to college or university should be offered through examinations only. Which view point do you agree with? Write an essay of 200-250 words expressing your opinion.

While some people insist that students should be allowed to enter a college or university without having any entrance examinations, others claim that taking examinations is one of the admission requirements for pupils who want to study in college or university. Personally, I myself completely agree with the second point of view and aim to clarify my opinion in this essay.
The advantages of university entrance examinations can be attributed to a host of reasons. First of all, the examination is an effective and equal way to assess students' abilities. To say more detailedly, taking the exam is a method which checks whether students can continue to study in college, universities or not. Only the best students who have good achievements can be accepted to go straight to study at a higher level without any exams. For example, if we allow all students to study in the university without testing their knowledge, some lazy students who do not study hard still can continue to study in a good school, and this is unequal for those who always make a lot of effort to get a good result. Only by taking examinations can the deserving candidates get the seat and their efforts will become worthy.
Secondly, entrance exams include every field, subject that we have learned. Obviously, to grab this precious opportunity, pupils have to revise more and more to make sure they understand the previous knowledge. These basic concepts are all necessary when students study at a higher level and testing the knowledge before entering university is a good way to ensure all things that have been learned before. What is more, as there is a saying: "Learn, learn more, learn forever", absorbing knowledge is an endless process so exams help students keep trying and studying hard to fulfill their dreams.
To conclude, for the above-mentioned factors, I strongly believe that examination should be applied as a form to evaluate students' abilities before going to study in colleges, universities.

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