I got this test from my english teacher...

Rearrange the folowing jumbled words into good sentences beginning with the italic words:

the crop - The farmer - came - the village - to harvested - when - had - the bugs

What do you think? Can you do it?
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What do you think? Can you try to do it first? And then we'll check your effort. However, I can tell you now that 'to harvested' is not a possible formation here.
I did. Now I'm waiting to see other answers.
So far I was right. "To harvested" is just weird.
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Why don't you post what you wrote then?
when had the bugs the farmer came the village to harvested the crop.
'To harvested' is not possible, Anon. Try again.
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Hey i get the answer, it is " the farmer had harvested the crop when the bug came to the village". Use your brain!
Anonymous Use your brain!
Your sentence is possible only if we acknowledge that 'to harvested' is not possible - as MR M, after using his brain, pointed out four years ago.
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