It's me again, I am gonna write about cancer, does anyone have any ideas? give them to me so I can improve my essay. thanks alot.
Hi jhkc,

My mother-in-law is going through treatment for secondary *** cancer at the moment, and have thought about it a lot as you can imagine. What angle are you going for in your writing?

For me, cancer, or terminal illness of any sort, really boils down to issues of time and quality of life. Something I keep telling myself is: No-one, including those with terminal illnesses, knows WHEN they will die, but everyone does eventually. The point is what you do with the time you have left. And because it's impossible to quantify the time left, the only thing to worry about is the quality of it. My mother-in-law is a shining examples of that approach to life. Living for and in the moment, with unbridled love and enthusiasm for all things. She is graceful and ever grateful for all the things that come into her life. It's a beautiful way to live no matter what the 'diagnosis'.

i might be hit by a bus tomorrow. If so, I hope I don't regret not doing anything I wanted to or should have done. Of course, being relatively healthy means I have the illusion of not having to concern myself too much with 'loving-action-and-appreciation-right-now'. Cancer, it seems, can be quite focussing and clarifying in that sense.
I just posted a poem on this board about my thoughts on this subject:
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It is a nice poem though. I had written my assay already, any one who are smoking should take a look my assay and I post it here.


We all know that, cells are very importance in our body. As we were young, normal cells growth, divide and die in orderly until we become adults. Cancer occurs when our cells grow out of control of abnormal, when our DNA is damaged, this is a time for cancer takes place in our body. Cancer doesn’t stay one place but it spreads out to other part of human body where they growth and replace the normal tissue. If we don’t predict at the early stage, we are going to die because it will replace all our normal cells with abnormal cells. According the research of American cancer associate, more than one million people get cancer each year, most people get it when they are 55 of age or older and cancer is the second leading to deaths in America, half of all men and one-third of all women in the US will develop cancer during their lifetimes. (

There are many types of cancer and lung cancer is one of them. Likely other cancers, lung cancer occurs when cells in our body growths out of control. Two types of lung cancer are small cell lung cancer (SCLC), and non-small cell lug cancer (NSCLC), SCLC is 20% and NSCLC is 80% of total lung cancer. Lung cancer starts in lung and the symptoms are persistent cough, sputum with blood and chest pain. It takes long time to develop but it also spreads out when it takes place of normal cells in human body. The biggest cause to lead to lung cancer is smoking, there is 87 percent of American gets this disease in 2003, and there will be 158,900 people will die because of lung cancer ( The research shows, there are 173,770 new cases of lung cancer develop in 2004, there will be 93,110 among men and 80,660 among women. About 160,440 people will die of this disease: 91,930 men and 68,510 women, and the average of people who get lung cancer are 60 of age (

Nowadays, there are thousands of deaths in our world were caused by lung cancer, people get lung cancer when they smoke, they work with chemical in work place, they also get it when they work under mines or with asbestos places, tobacco smoking is the biggest risk factor. The more you smoke the more you get high risk of lung cancer. Family history is one of the factors as well, for instance, you have cancer, your children or your brothers and sisters may have lung cancer too. Another factor is second hand smoke, this is high factor to get lung cancer for who don’t smoke but they get it from other people smoking, there are 50,000 people die each year because of secondhand smoke (

We all know smoking is extreme high for lung cancer disease, and we also see there are many advertisements of tobacco companies advertise on television, logos, newspapers and commercials everyday. However, people still keep going to smoke, it spreads all of ages, teenagers, adults or old people. It is the worst for women who are pregnant but they still keep smoking, it is effect to their babies and babies are victims of many diseases, it may cause death to them.

Apparently, scientists take a lot of time, money to develop medicines but it seems useless when lung cancer can’t detect at early stage. But is doesn’t mean we give up to rise money or to invent medications for lung cancer. We need money for lung cancer blood tests, such as in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; they have been award 3.4 million for development of lung cancer blood tests. ( However, the most importance way to avoid lung cancer is to quit smoke, or stay away from people who are smoking, we should go to the doctors or hospitals as soon as possible, because the earliest we determine it the more we have chance to prevent lung cancer. Beside, the American government has to tax higher on tobacco companies, so they can get more money to support funding for lung cancer blood tests. United States government should rises more funding for research of lung cancer. According the information of lung cancer website, approximately 1,200 dollars were used per case for lung cancer in 2001. Meanwhile, $11,425 for *** cancer; $8,190 for prostate cancer; $3,350 for colorectal cancer. ( ). This number is not enough while it causes deaths in the second place of the total deaths of the Americans.

Thans alot for reading my assay.