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Maybe Justine would like a massage, threepod. Has to be better than a sausage, anyway.

Good day m Pd!
is it that massage is same withe massage in french? Then i give massage with saucissge to justine this morning because that she start to love the saucissge. She leche (i not know say leceh in english) her hairs much after that because that she start to love the saucisse.
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She'll need a massage after being in threepod's pocket.
M rwiles i her give a massage all the time because that she love the massage.
I think Justine is very lucky to have you, and very lucky to get so many massages and bisous!
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...massage with saucissge...

I believe we have a word for this in English. Unfortunately it escapes me for the moment.

Good day M pd, i not undrestand all the words that you are writng, but i love to know that what is that word because that i can rmember the word in english then. Justine she begins to love that massage and i like to say the other persons that have a pig of guinae angora also in england that they can to do that to her?
MrP, I think you're right. I'm sure I remember seeing somewhere the word to massage with saucissge.'
If not, there should be a word.

3pod, is there a word in French?
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Hey threepod. I found some info on what you should feed your guinea pig, it's written by a vet. Hope you find it helpful:

Like human beings, guinea pigs need a daily source of vitamin C or ascorbic acid. A lack of vitamin C causes a disease called scurvy. Scurvy in guinea pigs causes eye infections, hair loss and pneumonia. All guinea pig pellets are fortified with vitamin C. But after a few months of storage much of this vitamin is lost. That is why I suggest that vitamin C be added to their diet or drinking water. 500mg of ascorbic acid can be crushed in 500ml (one pint) of drinking water. It should be changed daily. Alternatively, the tablet can be crushed and sprinkled on one to two pounds of diet. Although guinea pigs can be maintained on pellets alone, I like to feed mine timothy hay, kale, spinach, collard and turnip greens as well. Iceberg lettuce is valueless but romaine lettuce – especially the outer leaves is a good source of nutrients. You can pick and wash dandelion from your yard as well. Alfalfa hay and cubes can be feed sparingly if other hay is also fed. Alfalfa is too rich to be a major component of their diet. Fruits, starchy vegetables and sweet items are best not fed because they can upset the normal intestinal flora or bacteria on which these pets rely.
Guinea Pig Chow should make up two thirds of your pig’s diet. Purchase only name brand guinea pig pellets and be sure they are fresh. Large retail outlets tend to turn over their stock of feeds more rapidly than smaller stores so purchase them at the big outlets. If you purchase more than can be used in two months keep it in the refrigerator or freezer.
I use heavy lead-free ceramic food dishes. Water can be provided in bowls but quickly get soiled with loose bedding and food. Water bottles with stainless steel ball bearing sipper tubes are much better. Guinea pigs drink a lot and love to run the water out of the bottles. That is why the sipper tube must have a metal ball at its spout.
Some say guinea pigs are rodents and some say they are not. Like rodents, guinea pig’s teeth are constantly growing. They need safe wooden or bone objects in their cage on which to wear their teeth down or the teeth will overgrow.

[url="http://www.2ndchance.info/guineapigcare.htm "]This is where I got it from[/url]

[url="http://www.hsus.org/pets/pet_care/rabbit_horse_and_other_pet_care/how_to_care_for_guinea_pigs.html"]And here's another site you might find useful[/url] (and easier to read perhaps)

[url="http://www.ahc.umn.edu/rar/MNAALAS/GPig.html "]And another[/url]
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