Good day,
I have post here, but i know not much english
I have worry because that i have gived saussige to my pig of giunea and she is ill, and a proffessor he says that that is canneibalisme because that justine she is a pig but a pig of guinae and the saussige it is of pork. That is not just truth? Justine is not cannebaliste?
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Your guinea pig is not a cannibal. Your guinea pig will recover.

Do not give it meat again. Do not pierce its ears. Do not dress it in clothes. Do not take it to London. All these things will make it unhappy.

Give it vegetable food: grass, lettuce leaves, dandelion leaves. Give it hay and straw. Give it plain water. Give it fresh air.

Then your pet will be healthy and happy.

Isn't this how mad cow disease is thought to have started ... with cows eating other cows?
Nevertheless, I would not worry too much Mr Tripod. Most sausages are only made with bread and spices (and some other lumpy things) - they only pretend to put meat in them.

I don't know how to say this, but after reading all that you have written about Justine, I think I am falling in love with her. I hope you don't mind too much. I promise that if we marry, we will find an apartment close to your's, so you can visit her almost as often as you like.

Do we have your blessing? (of course I still have to ask Justine what she thinks about this, but I don't think she will mind too much).
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Hello 3P

I'm sorry, I didn't mean to alarm you when I mentioned cannibalism. It was only a small joke.

On the whole, I'd be inclined to take Guest's advice, if I were you. (Certainly Guest 1's advice, and probably Guest 2's as well.)

this is just ridiculous, this thread and made me laugh.
someone has a sense of humor.
Good day, m. PD! i am better that that is for laugh!
I read the massage of guest, she has much of time, she sends messages all the time!
I know not that what it is advice, is it that it is the same thing that vice? but she not take my justine!
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Aah, good day, guest, you have the time to write much! Is it that you are in vacancy?
No, you must not to love justine because that justine i lovee her and she my freind. You not live to france also? You go not come and take justine? And you not know where we live, so is not possible! Is that you make a joke also? Mr PD he has make a joke also... Much persons here make jokes also, i not undertsand all the time.
You can to see in a shop who sell guineaz pigs angora, you perhaps find a that you like? You like guniea pigs angora? But not justine, justine she is my little bunny pink fluffy!
But Threepod, I don't think guest wants a guinea pig angora.......they are not pink and fluffy. I think guest really does want Justine.
Will you protect her?
Guets can not take justine! I go guard justine in pocket. I know not guest . I speak now to no body. I not go out. How is it that guets can to take justine? What is thatthat you say? the guest can not take justine with the massage?
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