I cannot express myself when I need to say something. It is in my mind but I cant shape it into words when I want to talk. I need helpp. Pls. Thank u.
Don't worry. I'd say it is a fairly common problem. I am sure some people here we'll be able to help you.
I don't know if you read any English newspaper regularly. Start doing so if you don't. And from the newspaper, write down different phrases and sentences and try to use them in your daily speach. I hope it would improve a lot.
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That's a wonderful piece of advice.
I can sympathize with you for I have the same problem. Reading helps me a great deal. When I read I picture myself saying the same thing that the author wrote. Be very careful with this though, because some books are not well written. I read mostly biographies, especially ones about interesting people such as Abraham Lincoln, Eleanor Roosevelt, Serpico, etc. Auto biographies do not interest me. If you want to know more, please respond. I'd rather read and write than talk to a person. Giving a speech or making a toast is not a problem but I am just not good at small talk. Either is Bill O'Reilly, he said so on TV.
Most of the time we are just looking for the appropriate word for the thing we need to expressEmotion: smile you have the same problem as i had once. But I would say it is just hesitation. you should try this........ take a newspaper or any stuff that you can read easily, close the door of the room, a room where you can hear your echo would be the best, and start speaking as loud as you can the words on the paper or some other media.
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That is a wonderful piece of advice.
I have the same problem, especially, when I speak the target language. The teacher advises us to read more, I think it really help us to improve our ability to express ourselves. It is better to choose a magazine and keep reading it. After a period of time you can see the fruit. Remember it needs time.
This is a wonderful piece of advice.
I will try it thenEmotion: smile
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