Hello everybody,

I've heard the reply "I can't agree more" to say that you absolutely agree with somebody. Am I right to think that "I can't disagree more" is also correct? Also, is the sentence "I can't disagree on that more" possible? Or should it be "I can't disagree with that more"?

Thank you in advance!
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Hi Miche,

Here's how they sound to me, as a native speaker, but not a grammarian:

'I can't disagree more' --is fine.

'I can't disagree on that more' --carries an implied 'with you', as in: 'I can't disagree more [with you] on that'. (I would relocate 'more'.)

'I can't disagree with that more' --emphasizes the idea, action, etc. (but not person) to which the speaker is referring. (Again, I would write it as: 'I can't disagree more with that'.
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Hi guys,

I'd say that a more 'correct' form of this expression is I couldn't disagree more.

Couldn't is used in a conditional or hypothetical sense. What you are really saying is 'Even if you gave me a million dollars and 100 more great reasons to disagree with you, I couldn't disagree more. You already have my maximum level of disagreement.'

It's perhaps a little harder to see this because we have two negatives here (not + dis...) but if you look at the positive form of the verb I couldn't agree more, it's easier to see.

Best wishes, Clive
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Thank you both, Davkett and Clive!

'I can't disagree on that more' --carries an implied 'with you', as in: 'I can't disagree more [with you] on that'. (I would relocate 'more'.)

This was actually what I wanted to know. A guy here says that you cannot say "I can't disagree on that more", because agreement/disagreement on something requires two people: we agreed/disagreed on the plan etc. I too had doubts but as you say, there is an implied "with you" in the sentence, so I guess it is OK. As for word order, yours is better of course. I also like Clive's suggestion for "could".

Thanks again!
Of course you can say "I can't disagree more." It's a calm way to say you strongly disagree.
I think the with vs. on depends on the usage — you would disagree with an idea, but disagree on a point.