Could anyone help me with this question? Thanks in advance.

Jack is sure that the news ..... true.

A. may not have been B. can't be C. can't have been D. might not be

I opt "C. can't be" because the fact is that Jack is "sure", A & D are not suitable here. However, the answer is C. can't have been.

My question is "What's the difference between "can't be " & "can't have been" here and what is the right choice here.

Thank you for spending time with me.

Alas, all of these choices are possible. It depends on the scenario/context you think of the sentence as part of.

It's a poor test question.

I see these as the most plausible with "sure":

B. can't be C. can't have been

Nevertheless, I'm stumped by the fact that the answer is given as only C.