Hi there! please help me i can't join chatting but i can log in. please help me. what happened to my account?
numeria!! i am having the same problem ..what did u do to get back?
I have no information on your account, naurima. We will need an admin to review your situation.
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Try this, It worked with me...

Instead of logging here log into: www.thechatpage.com

I had no problems when I used this way

{Note: Maybe you will need to create a neew accounte in the TCP}
soumayanumeria!! i am having the same problem ..what did u do to get back?
Soumaya, maybe you should check [url=http://thechatpage.com/Archive/GeneralGuidelinesTermsConditions/bjmnb/post.htm]THIS[/url] and [url=http://thechatpage.com/Archive/TcpCodeOfConduct/gvnwb/post.htm]THIS[/url] other thread - And maybe you could tell us if you've broken any of the laws.
well i read them all..and the only one i may have broken is not chatting in english....but i did not do it many times..it was only once or twice, but if thats the case i would accept any penalties for it, until the moderaters accept me back..
thank you.
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soumaya be patient, wait till tomorrow, u try to log in tomorrow. ok good luck