Hi all,

I'm a translator for mobile applications such as those of iPhone and have a sentence that I'd like to add on my business website, but can't figure out to write it correctly. Please help.

What I'd like to say are:
a) Some of my clients' applications are ranked in the top 10 after I translated their applications.
b) Their applications weren't ranked in even the top 100 originally.

And the sentence that I come up with is:
Some of our clients' apps ranks in the top 10 out of 100 only by localizing the languages.
But I don't think this is making sense. Please correct it and brush up.

Thanks in advance,
We have improved the rating on our clients' mobile applications by the translations we offer. These applications were rated outside of the top 100 and now appear within the top 10 because the applications are now available in the local language.
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"rated outside of the top 100" was what I was looking for.

Thank you, Dave. I appreciate you!
You're welcome.