the lyrics are like: all fired up and im ready to rock, i dont no what im doin all i no is i dont wanna stop
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im trying to find a song its sort of punk and popish, the few lyrics i know r"When the voice of summer ends", and that about all i caught from when i heard it.Emotion: big smile
Think it's the new Ozzy Osburne song.
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that song is ozzy's i dont want to stop
Ozzy. Its on the new Black Rain CD.
ok i got one, i cant figure out the name of the song. Its from the first fast and furious, it come on during the house raid when they catch the chinese guy... it says "and i dont give a damn about it"
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i cant find this song... heres the part i know

"your not sure that you love me ur not sure that you.........

lets just pick up the pieces"

HELP! (:

need help figuring out the name of a song I heard on my name is earl. its a song from the sixties or early seventies that was not to obscure. I can hum it but am not even sure i have the lyrics right. something about a different shade of yellow or mellow or different kind of mellow. and its not mellow yellow or lighter shade of pail. it is somewhat heavyer than that. starts out with a high distorted persistent twanging electric guitar cord then the other instruments kick in. it goes der-der-der-der da-da-da-da......j/k

any clue what I am talking about?
try ozzy, i dont wanna stop
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