Can you not feel your mind scrabbling about trying to find a relationship, coming to the conclusion that there is none, and give up in disgust?

Are there any differences between 'Can't you feel~ ' and 'Can you not feel~'?

And I thought 'Can't +S+ V' is right, but 'Can +S+not+v' is also correct?
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''Can't you not feel'' means ''Can you not be able to feel...(the feel is present). To put it simply, it means the feel is already there, so there is no way that you cannot feel it.

''Can't you feel'' means ''Couldn't you feel it?'' It basically means the feel is already there but there is an uncertanity about whether you are able to feel it.
AhnAre there any differences between 'Can't you feel~ ' and 'Can you not feel~'?
Essentially, they are the same but the latter allows one to place emphasis on any of the three words, thus altering the implied meaning of the sentence:

Can you not feel... (is it possible)
Can you not feel... (everybody else can)
Can you not feel... (the speaker finds the statement bogus)
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>your mind scrabbling
I'd use scrambling, because of the other uses of scrabbling (a synonym, but ...)
Thanks for your answers. It's rather hard to understand fully though.

I'll think about it and come again.

By the way, what is the other usage of 'scrabbling'?
I just found the other use of it in 'Urban dictionary'. I see..I see....scrambling is better.
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I'd say look at this definition, this is a recognized dictionary:

Thank you, Marius Hancu. I'll check it.
Modal/Auxiliary + subject-pronoun + not + V ... ?

This is a lesser used grammatical pattern. It is used for rhetorical effect. It makes the speaker more like a teacher making a pronouncement rather than an ordinary person having a normal conversation. It may give a haughty or pompous tone to the sentence, or it may make the sentence sound somewhat old-fashioned.

Can you not see that I am right?
Do you not agree that two and two is four?
Have you not experienced it yourself?

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