I was just wondering if both of these sound natural and whether they can be said interchangeably? I wanted to say that I am longing for the holiday.

"I can't wait until the holiday comes"

"I can't wait when the holiday comes"


... can't wait until ... ... can't wait till ... OK.
... can't wait when ...Yikes! No! Emotion: smile

The 2nd one is no good, PBF.
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I see. Thank you for both of your replies.

I wonder how else would you express this idea?

Thanks again

I cannot wait for the holidays to begin.

I can't wait until the holidays.
I can't wait for the holidays (to come).
I can hardly wait for the holidays (to come).
I'm (just) dying for the holidays to come.
I'm (really) [eager / anxious] for the holidays (to come).
I've never been so [eager / anxious] for the holidays (to come).

Add to any of the above:
The anticipation is killing me!
I'm out of my mind with anticipation!
I'm beside myself with anticipation!

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Right. Thanks for replying, Mister Micawber, Gramfin and CalifJim.