The sentence I have runs thus:

"You should get some wine!" he told her, "because you can't eat cheese without it."

Obviously the 'he' has no capital, but what about the 'because?'

Thank you.
I guess it needs a capital.
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Thank you for that.

I have been a bit phased by that one, as it kind of crosses the boundary between one sentence and the next.

But a capital it shall be.

Be grateful I don't ask for help on Rome's Republican armour (because there was no such thing). Emotion: indifferent

I guess my spelling of armour might give away where I'm not from. And my name is Tim.

Thanks. I will get a board registration.
I don't see the need for a capital. It is part of the original quote and could easily be incorporated into the first part of the sentence, if spoken. A capital, in my vision more than in my logic, would make the second half of the quote an incomplete sentence. Cannot an exclamation point simply mean emphasis, substituting for the normal comma, rather than the end of a sentence?

With the two differing opinions I'm kind of relenting back to my initial lack of a capital.

Yes, Philip, I agree that it's a continuation of the same sentence really (with a slightly intrusory exclamation mark).

I might even give you the actual sentence I've written if you're lucky! Emotion: smile
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If you were writing his exact words, with the exclamation mark in the position you've chosen to put it, it would be:

"You should get some wine! Because you can't eat cheese without it."

I don't see why the insertion of "he told her" should change the capitalisation.

Of course, another option is to write:

"You should get some wine," he told her, "because you can't eat cheese without it!"
Okay, I will admit that I've changed the words in the sentence because it was being submitted out of context. I was trying to obfuscate the overly complex words that were the original.

Here is the actual paragraph it appears in:

George had been taken aback by Stephanie's mention of Tintin's voyage to the fallen meteorite, but not by her unexpected arrival, or by her ways of of dealing with spiders. He was surprised that she had bothered to read her bedroom's copy of L'Étoile Mysterieuse (whose title had not been translated). 'You should get some apples!' he told her, 'because Tintin says that they are spiders' numeric superior.'

The question of the capital in 'because' still stands please....
You need no capitalization because there is a quotation mark after the exclamation
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