I wonder if capital punishment has already been discussed in the forum.

Recently, a man was hanged to death in India who had raped and then murdered a high school girl. Incidently, he was the security guard in the apartment complex where the girl lived with her parents. There was a lot of hue-and-cry by the human rights activists who found the execution 'inhuman'.

I fully support capital punishment as there are certain crimes, for which, only death can be a deterrant.

Latest: On 08/18/2004, another criminal in India has been sounded the death penalty for a similar crime.
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I am also in full support for capital punishment for capital crime, especially for a rapist and murderer and corruptor. Because nowadays, criminals are not afraid anymore with jail, most of them tend to think that they will always got second chance thus not afraid to do same crime or even greater crime over and over again.

Like in Indonesia, a person who corrupted millions dollars of the nation's money (found guilty by the court of justice) yet he is still free (most probably still corrupting the nation's resources) until today. He even almost made it as a candidate in recent presidential's election!! While a simple chicken thief could be jailed for 3 months, where's justice? And If the corruptor not punished with capital punishment the rest of the gang won't stop. Would it be a right thing to go against capital punishment for this corruptor and plea Human Rights for the person who makes the people suffer?

Something about Human Right:
We simply cannot apply developed countries's human rights standards in a developing countries else it'll only bring chaos. In developing countries in which the population are many and great portion of the population are living in poverty and cannot afford greater education level, (developed countries's) human rights often misintepreted to a total individual rights with no regard to others's. But sometimes developed country still forcing their standards, and often bring unstability to some developing countries, riots and unrest, many peoples died and the country fall even deeper in poverty, at the end harming all. I respect Human Rights but it should be applied with consideration to the welfare of the whole nation.
If capital punishment would work as deterrent, the rate of crimes would have decreased in the countries where it is being applied. If any you have any available research about this, share it please, it could be interesting to know if that has happened.
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capital punishment give to those who did a very...very....very....big-unforgiven-cruel-valiant-sadistic crime.
like murdered, raped, drug-dealers, curruptor, gun-smuggler...
cause it's true about the criminal and lot of people think's today, as long as they have money and power, it's save to do anything they want (they think they can buy law or something like that)
and people without money and power also do valiant crime that so unbelieveable
(when you watch on tv and newspaper, it's make you Emotion: ick! , and the reason when they do it .......... Emotion: indifferent Emotion: super angry Emotion: angry )
When some people are wrecking other people's lives they do not stop to debate the humanity of it all do they? Why should they fail to receive a just punishment on the basis of a consideration which never even crossed their minds? Supposing that the person in question is undoubtedly guilty of some major offence such as the ones mentioned above, I can't help agreeing that they do deserve the sentence in question. However it is easy to agree with it and see it done from afar - put yourself in the place of the executioner. I couldn't do it myself. It's too close to playing God. Delegation to the authorities is the easiest way to agree with capital punishment I suppose; however I think that it should be up to the people affected by the murderer or rapist's crime to decide about his fate. If somebody hurt the people I love, I don't know what I would find myself capable of doing. It is not easy to theorise about such a topic and even less to criticise people who have opted for it or against it because nobody can be sure of the way they would be feeling in different circumstances...
Caroline is right, I wouldn't know what I would do if someone did hurt my family loved-ones. But (as long as I don't that) I'm against capital punishment just because it is to easy for the criminal. When he's dead, he can't think things over, he doesn't feel his punishment anymore.

As Caroline mentioned, why should we debate the humanity in the punishment of these criminals. They didn't think about it when the commited their crime.

I would like re-adjust corporal punishment so they would feel their punishment. Everytime they would commit a crime the corporal punishment would get harder. If the pas out during the punishment, the executioner has to stop until the criminal is conscious again. Then he can pursue the punishment.

I'm also a supporter of castrate men who raped women. There probably more punishments to fabricate. This way the criminal would actionaly feel the punishment and in my opinion the would think twice before they would commit a crime.

Minor crime could be punished with a simple stick-beating. (hit them with a stick)

In my country the punishments are so easy to endure. Criminals are laughing about it.
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I come from the country of Mahatma Gandhi who always maintained 'Hate the sin, not the sinner'. I couldn't agree more, but being the father of a 6 yr old girl myself, I do feel very strongly about this issue.

By the way, the man in question took full advantage of the flexibility in the Indian judiciary system. He appealed to all levels of the judiciary including the President of India. He was in prison for 14 (Yes ...Fourteen years) before the sentence was carried out. He was unrepentant till the end.

Please do continue the discussion. I really appreciate the views of people all around the world on the topic.
I do not agree with capital punishment and am glad that we no longer carry out this punishment in the UK.

To take the punishments suggested for the example given, rape, my feelings as a woman are:

It is becoming increasingly difficult to achieve a conviction for rape in the UK. I'm not sure of the exact figures but recently the rate for successful prosecutions for rape have dropped below 10% of cases taken to court, due to the difficulty of proving rape. Juries are often given the choice of taking one person's word against another, and prefer to err on the side of freeing a rapist than enprisoning an innocent man.

If convicted rapists were to face capital punishment, I believe that in the UK successful convictions would drop to basically nil. All rapists would then get off scott-free with no punishment at all.

Another problem with capital punishment for this type of crime is that it might lead to an increase in murder. If a man rapes a woman, he might think his chances of escaping are if he then kills her and disposes of the body, rather than leave a live victim to go to the police.

Personally, I'd rather be raped than dead! However, I know there are cultures in the world who hold a woman to blame if she is raped, or consider her unclean/spoiled and the tragic thing is that those women are sometimes murdered by their families to avoid the 'shame'. Perhaps those cultures would prefer the woman dead than raped, so would risk imposing the death penalty for rapists. We should be acting against these appalling attitudes and actions by the families, as well as chasing rapists.
I agree with you that capital punishment may be a deterrant for some criminals. But what about those people who have to execute it? Isn't it demoralizing for them? How will this type of job influence their personality or mental health? What about those people who sentence other to death? They may take avantage of their position and get the feeling that they have right to decide on life and death of other people. Can you imagine the results of such abusement? In my opinion such situations are not only possible but unevitable. Justice is in the hands of people who are fallible and corruptible. Killing is wrong, no matter what the motives. We have to punish murderers- seperate them from the society for the rest of their lives, but killing is not a good way out.
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