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Is it proper to write "Aunt Mary" or "aunt Mary"?

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Capitalise them when they're followed by their name.

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Hi Cathy,

If you are using "Aunty Mary" as a name (Good morning, Aunt Mary. I went with Uncle Bill and Aunt Mary. -- The same way you'd say "Good morning, Frank" or "I went with Peter and Alice") then use the capitals.

If you are referring to her like this: "I went with my aunt, Mary Smith, and two of my cousins" then it's a generic noun and not part of her title.
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I had the same question. In a sentence: My aunt Jane is very nice. Does "aunt" have to be capitalized?


If you write "I think Aunt Jane is very nice" then yes.
Uncle Jack
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I found an excellent answer here:
In short, capitalize if before their name, leave lowercase otherwise.
I believe the rule is if you use the word "my" you don't capitalize the relative's heading
my aunt
my aunt Mary
Aunt Mary
Hi Im victoria but what if it just says My aunt the do we capitalize it
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