I was wondering where the tradition to capitalize first letters in headlines and titles comes from and to which words this rule doesn't apply.

A personal tidbit: I find this practice distracting because it's makes it harder to tell names, titles, locations and other words that have their first letters normally capitalized from other words in the headline on the fly.

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That's something that I'm also interested in.

Anyway, I learnt that all words except prepositions and articles are capitalized in headlines - so it would go like this:
"Capitalization of First Letters in Headlines and Titles"

Is that correct? Is there a rule that says which words are to be capitalized?
"The convention followed by British publishers is the same used in many other languages (e.g., French, German), namely to use sentence-style capitalization in titles and headlines, where capitalization follows the same rules that apply for sentences. This is also widely used in the U.S., especially in bibliographic references and library catalogues. This convention is also used in the International Organization for Standardization and house styles."


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