Hello there.
I thought the first letter of bible should be capitalized, especially when it refers to the Christian Bible. But I am so bewildered now, because I have seen many exceptions these days. I found one even from my textbook quot "with biblical phrases such as 'Peace be with you.'"
Would you explain the capitalization about things like bible?

Postscript: I tried to find it by searching the word 'capital bible' only to see countless irrelevant results. Is there more efficient way to search?

Thank you for your help n advance.
The Bible is the name of the Christian book, but the adjective is biblical. (A bible-- small b-- is also a term for a vade mecum or key sourcebook for any subject.)
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You seem to know everything! I envy you.
Thanks again Mister Micawber Emotion: smile
Thank you for your reply, Mr.Blank.
It is very kind of you to answer this old question of mine.
I also appreciate the accuracy of your answer.
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