Hi to All,

I wonder why most people today say, "Hi all," in email salutations. Is that correct? Also, in greetings -- Don't we say, "Good Morning," rather than, "Good morning"?

Should the question mark in the above sentence be inside or outside the quotation marks?

What's the proper business correspondence email etiquette?

Thank you,

Hi all is what I would call "A custom greeting," like y'all. Hi all, hi you all, etc. are just greetings, not really any rule to it. And on the good morning one, they are both right, depending on how you use them.

The question mark in the sentenc should be outside the quotations, because YOU, the narrarator, are asking the question, not the supposed character. You could say, "Why does Jeff always say, "Hi"? because jeff is not asking the question, you are. But in this case (Jeff said, "Why do I always say 'Hi'?") Jeff is asking the question, not you. So you put the question mark in the quotes.

I dont know what you mea by the last question.