please can you tell me if you capitalize driver's license if California is first. Like
California Driver's License
or California Driver's License Number V850563
or California driver's license

which would be right?
The convention is this:

As the drivers licence is the title, it would be written as California Drivers Licence V1234567.
however, as you can see above initially I have written it in lower case, as it is not a title.

Capitalisation is reserved for names of things, titles, places etc.

PS: I use the letter 's' in Capitalisation due to British/Australian English
How would I puncuate this?
if I can show you where you put Exhibit 3, where you had put an X with the circle, where you saw the point of impact.

Please help. I have know idea what to do with this?
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I actually have this question on my English test. I chose the option of driver’s license instead of Driver’s License. If you want to know the sentence it was, “ Emilio is excited about getting his drivers license on his next birthday.” Please help me out! Lol