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I need an explanation about one thing...I have the following conversation, two guys are staying by the car and talking about who's the owner...

Question: You're sure he's the owner?
Answer: (?)Registration matches his license(?). Check it out.

I'd like to understand to that underlined sentence, please what it says?...I know that when you buy a car

in the US you have to register it at the DMW. When you do this, do you have to state there number of your driving license, in terms of that registration of your car also contains ID of your license?

Thanks a lot in advance, I'm sure it's gonna be piece of cake for guys from the US owning the car..Emotion: smile


JCDentonRegistration matches his license
They are using 'license' to refer to the metal license plates affixed to the car. The number on those plates will also be found on the registration (paper document) you receive from the state when you pay your annual fee. So those are the matching numbers.

This use of the word 'license' differs from the meaning 'driver's license', which has to do with your permission to drive any car, and nothing to do with the car you drive.

Those two license numbers are different numbers, though they are both 'license numbers'. Some people distinguish between them by using only the words 'plates' or 'tags' for the car licenses and reserving the word 'license' only for a driver's license. This is not the case for the speaker in your example, however.

Thank you for brilliant answer CalifJim! [Y][Y] It's clear to me now. Thanks a lot!

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