When putting a cc on a letter, do you change the heading on the letter to match the person you are copying?

(ie... Dear John,

cc: Mary Smith.

Would you send a copy of the letter to Mary Smith with the letter changed to "Dear Mary,"
I hope this makes sense.

Thanks for your help.
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Hi darlin’
CC is used a lot. I’ve seen too many of them and I’ve been workin’ a very short time. The carbon copy notification tells everyone that they’re reading another person’s private mail. If you change the salutation, you’ll only confuse matters. So, if the letter is addressed to Mr. Jones, do not alter the salutation. Mr. Smith will understand that he is reading something directed to Mr. Jones.
Happy days.
Thanks much!
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So, the proper form of cc'ing someone, is just to put the cc: name of person, and that is it. Phew. I was complicating this situation to no end
I'm sending a letter to a congressman and a senator how do I close the letter
if you are sending the same letter to two different people is cc necessary or just address to each individual...
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Dear Sir

Greetings from ......

I hope your health and business is in a good shape . I have not recieved any mail from your end regarding the package .

Please let me know by when will i get the packages .

I would do invidual letters and cc the other person on each.
i did this for a class as well. Sincerley.
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