1.One student picks a question , the other finds an answer from his pile.
2.One student picks a question or answer, the other finds an answer or question for it.
3.One student picks a question or answer , the other says three answers or questions for it.
4.One student picks a card and asks with the word on it. The other one has to answer with a word on his /her card.
5.Students pick a word and say three say sentences with it.
6.Students have to find three words that can be put together in the same sentence.
7.Students have to pick a card with a sentence then join it with an other one using a conjunction.
8.One student picks a card with one sentence, the other one has to complete it with another one.

" The Thoughts of a Private Teacher"
Copyright Dr.Peter Szabo, 2003
What are the questions and anwers? Can we play the game on the net to see how it works?
One pile:
Is this car yours?
Do you like reading?
That one?
A cigarette?
Have yo been drinking?
What dou say about it?

The second pile:
No, thanks.
No. The blue one's nicer.
Yes, but I have an other one in the garage.
What? No. Why?
Sometimes, but not much.
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Is this car yours?
It's too easy without tricks.Emotion: smile Just wanted to check your attention. After the " eyelash with veins."Emotion: smileEmotion: smile
what with the eyelash with veins?
Students: We have free audio pronunciation exercises.
The poem, " Divine copyright". You didn't read it with attention, and didn't observe that eyelashes don't have veins, but eyelids do. So I tested your attention again.
hey babes, don't confuse things here. Why are you blaming me for your own mistake? I find the image particularly funny. Do you not? How many people did you say were making fun of you? lol You can add me to the lot.haha. Love from an admiring reader!