In the Roman Catholic Church, cardinals wear red hats. Does the hat have a special name? What is it if there's one?

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The yamulke-type skull cap is called a zucchetto (white=Papal,
red=Cardinal, Amaranth red (violet)=Patriarchs, Archbishops,
Bishops,black=priests and deacons)
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Abbie wrote:
The small round cap is called a berettino, calotte, or subbiretum when it is worn under the biretta. It is called a submitrale when it is worn under the mitre.

I can't find the words such as berettino, subbiretum and submitrale in English dictionaries. Are they all Italian?

It seems the small round skullcap the Pope wears can be called either a zucchetto or calotte. Which one is more common?

I guess what the guest would like to know whether each color has a special meaning except for identifying the rank of each person. For instance, why do cardinals wear red color instead of yellow? why do the Pope wear white rather than green?

zucchetto - a small round skullcap worn by members of the Roman Catholic clergy that varies in color depending on the rank of the person wearing it. The pope wears a white one, cardinals red, bishops purple, and priests black.

Thanks all for your contributions.
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Red was and is worn to show that they are ready to die for their faith. White worn by the Pope as he is the head of the church. White is to do with tradition.
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the definitions above came from the Catholic Encyclopaedia

does the pope HAVE to wear the white hat?[:^)]
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It's jokingly said of old Western movies that the hero, 'the good guy', always wears a white hat. The legacy is that today, 'he wears a white hat' is idiomatic for 'he's one of the good guys'.

That Cross the Pope is wearing is not a Patriarchal/Archiepiscopal Cross. It's called a Pastoral Staff. You know how Bishops have the Crosier? The Pope, because of his universal jurisdicton, uses that Pastoral Staff. The one that the Popes use now was designed by Paul VI, but it has been slightly altered since then. The Pope's Pastoral Staff has always been silver; it was never silver-gilt. Crosiers may have been silver-gilt, but not the Pastoral Staff.

The Archiepiscopal Cross is the cross that has two horizontal bars, the upper one being shorter. It's meant to represent the Titulus on the Cross (the INRI thing). It's normally reserved for Archbishops, and it's used as a processional cross. The Papal Cross (it isn't the silver one that the Pope carries) has three horizontal bars, the topmost being the shortest and the bottom one being the longest. It's also used as a processional cross -- it is carried before the Pope before Mass.

No offense, but the person who wrote to the contrary has his or her facts just plain wrong. It's understandable, because our Church is so vast that people are bound to make mistakes, but still, we should try our best to rise out of that, and be sure that everything we say is accurate.

As for that little white hat that the Pope wears, it's called a zucchetto. All clerics may wear it, but not all do. It's shaped like that because it was meant to be a cover for the tonsure, that round haircut that priests and monks used to have. White is for the Pope, red for Cardinals, amaranth-red for bishops, black for everyone else.

By the way, that one pic where the Pope is wearing green, it isn't ordinary dress. It's only worn for the Mass, as all priests wear that (it's called a Chasuble). In ordinary dress, he does wear that white thing with the short cap that we all know, and he might wear a white overcoat with it (called a greche). He may also wear a red cape with a red hat; it's rare to see, but if you look around enough, you'll see it.
Actually, that's wrong. There is a reason why the color is red -- it is meant to represent the blood they are willing to shed for the Faith and the Pope.
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Also, the Pope is not the only one who wears white, though we westerners hardly see others.

In some of the hotter countries, the bishops and priests wear white robes as opposed to the normal black.

Also some religious orders wear white all the time. The Dominicans for example, and the Order of Saint Norbert, they all wear white. I believe the Benedictines and the Carthusians also wear white all year round.
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