What is "taken" in care is not taken?

But it doesn't make a lot of sense to say to take care when people is not still have the disease, no?

What happened to my grandfather is not the first of its kind, quite a number of people have been victimized by this kind of disease, and many more will follow if care is not taken


"Care" is what is not taken (there is a failure to be careful). So, nothing is done, but something should have been done.

And, yes, it makes sense to suggest that people without the disease should be careful. That is because they can get the disease, but taking care will prevent them from getting the disease.

Don't take care = get the disease (in the future)

Take care = don't get the disease.

Does this clarify the statement for you?

Note: Do not use a comma to join the two thoughts. Either use a semicolon or use a period and make two sentences out of it.