when i say " I have a lot to catch up on" that means that i'm gonna do something that i havne't done for a while?

Nikoloz Rukhadze

When I say "I have a lot to catch up on", does that mean that means that I'm gonna going to do something that i havne't I haven't done for a while?

You have a lot of mistakes in your question. Note above how to ask it.


It doesn't necessarily mean things you have previously done. It can include new things you wish or need to do.
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Thanks for you answer

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So why "I'm gonna" is incorrect?

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Nikoloz Rukhadze

So why is "I'm gonna" is incorrect?

Don't forget to invert subject and verb when forming a question.

You can say "gonna" when speaking, but it is always written as "going to" unless you are deliberately imitating speech. On this English forum we'll insist on writing it the standard way.


I think i got it, I'm trying to improve my english, thank you I really appreciate your help...