I am abit confused sometimes when it comes to classify some essay topics...please shed some lights on it.thnks

1.The subject i like most (narrative)

2. Describe a market you visited. (Descriptive)

3.If you could live in a certain historical period, which would you choose and why? (narrative)

3. My ideal home (narrative/expository???)

4. The qualities of an ideal citizen (expository)

5.High school students should be allowed to do part-time jobs in restaurants and fast food outlets. Do you agree? (arumentative)

6. Some changes i would like to see in the world by year 2020. (narrative)

7. "My golden age of youth" How true is this description of your life as a youth? (narrative)

8. It is said that very few people today are keen on serving in voluntary organization. Discuss. (expository)

May i know if my categorization is correct. Please highlight the mistakes...thanks

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