I have one list of words like this:

School, College, Institution
Temple, Church, Mosque
etc etc

Is there some name I can give to these kind of words so that they fall in one category ?
I thought of Building - but is there a better one ?

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public something? public buildings?
What if a school is private ?
Or is does 'public' here mean something else ?

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Oh, it was just a wild guess; I thought all these places had many visitors, and to some extend opened to the public.
I guess I'll have to stick to YellowPages as I cant seem to come up with anything else.

But do YellowPages normally contain other than 'buildings' like Jobs etc ?
It seems that you’re still concerning about this problem one year later.

I guess they're all establishments

or buildings/places of public activities

They're all entities of course, but entity is too gross
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Brilliant, Maple. Exactly the word I couldn't remember.
MapleIt seems that you’re still concerning about this problem one year later.
. Didnt proceed with my site after that. Creating a new site now with the same theme in mind.
MapleI guess they're all establishments
Thats a good one.But after looking at Y! YP , CitySearch, SwitchBoard etc, I find that having the term Yellow Pages is better. I'll create another section for those that dont fall under YellowPages.
The other word that came into my mind was local.
I'm a bit confused here. Yellow Pages is the trademaked name of directory of businesses - you won't be able to use it on your website any more than you could open a shop and call it Tescos, unless you want to get sued.

Nor does 'Yellow Pages' have any direct meaning with regards to categorising a list of buildings/organisations/institutions.The name comes from the fact that it is printed on yellow paper. The Yellow Pages contains around a thousand categories of businesses.
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