The minister of X's son was caught on tape running naked on the street. The minister said of the incident, "This is an attempt to ruin my reputation. Whoever victimized my son will be brought to justice. Nobody is above the law on this issue".

Please correct any mistakes.

It looks fine to me, except it should be "in the street". (But as for content -- I don't see why someone running naked in the street would be considered a victim.)
Sorry for the incomplete context. The minister believed his political opponents may have been behind the incident- possibly his son was stripped and forced to streak. I hope it's clear to you now. I should have made it clear in my original because there's no way the reader will know that.

To this day, I still struggle with 'in the street' vs 'on the street'. I clearly remember, 'in the street' means the pavement (the area in between the opposing sidewalks) and 'on the street' the sidewalks. I was told to say "living on the street" or the homeless person would be run over by vehicle. Applying this logic, I chose "on" to indicate that he was running on the sidewalks. Please correct me if I'm wrong.