He caught something in his eye.

Is it possible that the sentence means the guy poked/jabbed his eye?

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The expression is "Something caught his eye." It means he saw something.

I have never heard of "catching something in your eye."
My other interpretation is a bug/splinter or something small in his eye from rubbing against something by accident. Is that possible?
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"I got something in my eye" would be the ordinary way to express having a bit of sand, dirt, ash, or whatever in one's eye. Usually this happens just from stuff in the air or blowing in the wind, not from rubbing against something. It's pretty hard to rub against something with your eye, although I suppose it's possible.

If someone got poked in the eye, by himself or someone else, he would not say either "I caught something in my eye" or "I got something in my eye." He would probably say "I accidentally poked myself in the eye."
Thanks. Yes, I know the idiomatic version "I got sometihng in my eye." I heard on TV, a guy said that. Maybe I heard it incorrectly again. Sometimes it drives me nuts that I thought I understood the meaning but it turned out I was not only wrong but totally off. Good thing is I have you guys to correct me Emotion: smile
Hi New2grammar

I heard on TV, a guy say that ... (NOT 'said)
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I struggled a bit when I wrote that. I know I must use the bare infinitive (I guess that's the term) after heard but on TV threw me off. Thanks, YL.
<<<I heard on TV, a guy say that ... (NOT 'said???)>>>
"heard" is past tense. There is nothing wrong with "a guy "said" that" where I live.
I heard on TV, a guy say that ...

There's something odd about this. Better possibilities:

I heard on TV (that) a guy said that. (You didn't actually hear him say it -- you heard a report about him saying it.)

I heard a guy on TV say that. (He said it on TV while you were listening.)
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