Hello. I am wondering if it is acceptable to use the causative structure (have/get smth done) to talk about things happend without one's will? For example:

- Rob got his car stolen yesterday

- I had my nose broken while playing football. (The guy from youtube who makes videos on grammar and learning English claimed it was okay and used sometimes, but I myself have never heard it used)


I don't know about the sentences you asked about although the first one sounds not right or clear in my opinion. Because when I read it for the first time without looking to your question, I though that you might make a mistake in the order of the sentence, and basically you wanted to say:

-Rob got his stolen car yesterday.

After reading your question, I realized that wasn't what you wanted.

Frankly, even the second sentence doesn't sound good to me, it makes me feel as if you wanted to break your nose. As if this was a task that you wanted to do.

But I think such structure is existed in English overall.

For example:

I had my car fixed yesterday.

I'm also curious to know the answer about this topic. .